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Finding Aids - Published - General

Archives of Russia (2000), pp. 491-95; Arkhivy Rossii (1997), pp. 374-78; Scholars' Guide (1993), p. 19; Biblioteki SPb (1993), p. 64; Peterburg (1992), p. 47; GAF Spravochnik (1991), pp. 379-88; G&K Spravochnik (1983), pp. 47-51; PKG M&L (1972), pp. 202-207; Sup. 1 (1976), pp. 60-61.

A comprehensive bibliography of PFA RAN see on the website of Archive: For a brief history and description of the collections of the Academy of Science museums and archives in St. Petersburg see in Sokrovishcha akademicheskikh sobranii Sankt-Peterburga (2003). See also the earlier account in Akademicheskie arkhivy SSSR za 50 let sovetskoi vlasti (1968).

Guides and Directories

e-170. Fondy i kollektsii Sankt-Peterburgskogo filiala Arkhiva Rossiiskoi akademii nauk: Kratkii spravochnik. Compiled by N.V. Kraposhina, A.V. Shurukhina and I.V. Tunkina. Edited by I.V. Tunkina. St. Petersburg: Izd-vo "Nestor-istoriia" SPb II RAN, 2004. 376 p. [SPbNTs RAN; PFA RAN] (Lib: DLC; MH).
Electronic edition: (brief annotation)
The register of all fonds (fond nos. 1-1119) and collections (razriady) (nos. I-XVI) up to 1st January 2004 has data on the name and number of fonds, number and content of opisi, number of units, inclusive dates. Includes also the list of fonds and collections of ARAN in Moscow (pp. 331-70).

e-171. Arkhiv Akademii nauk SSSR: Obozrenie arkhivnykh materialov. 8 vols. Moscow, 1933-1986. (Also listed as e-2). [AAN SSSR/ARAN] "Trudy Arkhiva Akademii nauk SSSR," vol. 1, 5, 9, 16, 19, 24, 27, 28. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,949 (vols. 1-6)].
Electronic edition:;
The first two volumes describe the major institutional fonds (roughly to 1939) in PFA RAN, those of the Communist Academy, and also together provide helpful annotations for 157 personal fonds acquired before World War II, most of which are held in St. Petersburg. The introductory coverage of the history and organization of the archive (vol. 1) is obviously now outdated by subsequent reorganization. Subsequent volumes are devoted to similar annotations for personal fonds acquired later. An appendix in vol. 5 (19) indexes the personal fonds described in previous volumes, and references finding aids in different volumes of the Trudy (e-174).
e-174. Trudy Arkhiva Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk/Trudy ARAN. Moscow, 2008-. First issue numbered as 1(30) (see e-1). (Also listed as e-3). [ARAN] (Lib: DLC; MH).
The major scholarly series issued by ARAN continues earlier edition Trudy Arkhiva Akademii nauk SSSR (e-171.1).

e-174.1. Trudy Arkhiva Akademii nauk SSSR. (Trudy AAN SSSR). 29 vols. Moscow/Leningrad: Izd-vo AN SSSR/ "Nauka", 1933-1987. [AAN SSSR] (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,949 (inc)].
Vol. 7: Dokumenty po istorii izobreteniia fotografii: Perepiska Zh.N. N'epsa, Zh.M. Dagera i drugikh lits. Edited and introduction by T.P. Kravets. M./L. 1949. 509 p. Electronic ed.:
The major scholarly series issued by AAN. Includes the eight-volume Obozrenie arkhivnykh materialov (e-171). Other individual volumes comprise detailed inventories of individual fonds and documentary publications. Vol. 7 is highlighted here, because it was suppressed until recently and is not widely available in libraries. It contains a description and edition of correspondence relating to the photographic process known as daguerrotype developed by French physicist and painter Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (1787-1851) and the French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in PFA RAN.
History of Archive
e-177. Akademicheskii arkhiv v proshlom i nastoiashchem: Sbornik nauchnykh statei k 280-letiiu Arkhiva Rossiiskoi akademii nauk. Edited by I.V. Tunkina. St. Petersburg: Nestor-Istoriia, 2008. 532 p. + ill. [RAN; PFA RAN].

e-178. Levshin, Boris Venediktovich. "Pervyi nauchnyi arkhiv Rossii." Vestnik RAN 63 (1995), no. 3, pp. 242-50. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).

e-179. Strizhenko, A.A. "Iz istorii biblioteki S.-Peterburgskogo filiala Arkhiva RAN." In Tsentralizovannaia set' peterburgskikh akademicheskikh bibliotek: Stanovlenie i razvitie: Sbornik statei, edited by E.P. Efimova, et al, pp. 52-56. St. Petersburg: BAN, 1992. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
A brief account of the archival library.
Personal Papers
e-182. Lichnye fondy uchenykh v Arkhive AN SSSR: Spisok. Compiled by I.A. Vinogradov. Edited by G.A. Kniazev. Moscow: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1959. 34 p. (Also listed as e-8). [AN SSSR; AAN].
Initially issued "for service use only" (DSP), the list provides data on all fonds of personal papers held by ARAN (fonds 350-699) and its St. Petersburg Branch (now PFA RAN, fonds 1-349 and 700 or above), with data as of 1 January 1959. Many of the fonds listed were then classified, but they are now open for research. Provides data on published finding aids, surveys, and other reference literature.
e-185. Arkhivy Akademii nauk sotsialisticheskikh stran: Bibliografiia/Archive der Akademien der Wissenschaften der Sozialistischen Länder. Bibliographie. Compiled by I.A. Vinogradov. Edited by B.V. Levshin. 4 vols. Leningrad: "Nauka," Leningradskoe otdelenie, 1971-1985. (Also listed as e-5). (Lib: DLC; IU; MH) [IDC-R-10,947].
A detailed comprehensive bibliography of publications of archives of the Academies of Sciences of the USSR and other socialist countries, including bibliographies and handbooks, descriptions and inventories of individual fonds, documentary publications and monographs, and methodological and organizational publications. For example, the first volume, covering imprints from 1917-1968, lists 140 descriptions of archival holdings. Unfortunately there is no cumulative index.

Finding Aids - Specialized:

A comprehensive bibliography of published specialized finding aids for materials in PFA RAN covering imprints through 1978 appeared in 1986 (e-185), and many are also listed in the latest volume of the ARAN guide (e-170), which appeared in 1986. Only a few of the most recent specialized publications, especially those of limited circulation, are listed here. Note that many of the volumes of Trudy AAN containing inventories of specific fonds are available in IDC microfiche and on the website of PFA RAN: See the list of fonds relating to Jews in Jewish Doc. (1996), pp. 53-56.

e-188. Ukazatel' konkursov Imperatorskoi Akademii nauk i khudozhestv: 1751-1796. Compiled by M.S. Fainshtein. Edited by E.I. Kolchinskii and I.V. Tunkina. St. Petersburg, 2003. 96 p. [PFA RAN; SPbF IIET].
Electronic edition:
Contains information of competitions organized of the Imperial Academy of Sciences in 1751-1796.

e-189. Aktovye istochniki po istorii Rossii i Sibiri XV-XVIII vekov v fondakh G.F. Millera: Opis' kopiinykh knig. Edited by A.K. Elert, N.S. Gur'ianova and D.I. Rezun. 2 vols. Novosibirsk: Sibirskii khronograf, 1993-1995. vii, 250 p. 303 p. "Istoriia Sibiri: Pervoistochniki," vol. 1, 5. (Lib: DLC; IU; MH).
A scholarly edition of the 35-volume series of inventories of documents relating to Siberia prepared and copied in 1733-1743 under the direction of the historian Gerhardt Friedrich Müller (G.F. Miller). Also includes one volume in the series that is now held in RGADA (B-2).

e-190. Gebraistika i istoriia evreiskoi kul'tury v Rossii: Tematicheskii ukazatel' dokumentov po fondam Sankt-Peterburgskogo Arkhiva Rossiiskoi Akademii nauk. Compiled by A.N. Anfert'eva. Edited by V.S. Sobolev. 2 vols. St. Petersburg, 1994-1995. 43 p. 47 p. [PFA RAN] (Lib: MH).
The preface by the editor lists a number of institutional and personal fonds in the archive with materials relating to Hebraica, which were described in connection with the Project Judaica-see Jewish Documentary Sources in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus: A Preliminary List (1996). The first volume provides a detailed document-level description of relevant materials in four personal fonds-D.A. Khvol'son, P.K. Kokovtsov, M.N. Sokolov, and L.Ia. Shternberg, with cross reference to related materials in other fonds and repositories. The second volume (1995) covers additional materials.

e-191. Rukopisi B.B. Golitsyna v Arkhive Akademii Nauk SSSR. Compiled by G.P. Blok and M.V. Krutikova. Edited by V.F. Bonchkovskii and G.P. Gorshkov. Moscow/Leningrad: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1952. 140 p. [AN SSSR] "Trudy Arkhiva AN SSSR," vol. 10.
Electronic edition:

e-192. Rukopisi Lomonosova v Akademii nauk SSSR: nauchnoe opisanie. Compiled by L.B. Modzalevskii. Edited by G.A. Kniazev. Leningrad, Moscow: Izd-vo AN SSSR, 1937. 404 p. "Trudy Arkhiva Akademii nauk SSSR," vol. 3.

Electronic edition: